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Teams of four

Modes of play

Considered by many to be the ‘purest’ form of bridge, Teams (in its human form) consists of two teams of four players competing against each other. 


On the plus side:


Luck of the deal is totally eliminated


Offers comparison with the powerful engine which has played the same South cards as you. 


Flexible (4-24) but fixed number of hand matches


Review bidding and play to compare and learn




On the negative side:


we can’t find one!



Teams of Four - iBridgePlus style


We have adapted Teams of Four to be playable by one player using iBridgePlus. You play as South, in room #1 (called the Open Room) with the computer playing as your partner North, and also as your opponents East/West. Just like Rubber bridge or Chicago bridge. After you have completed a hand, the computer will (quickly!) play the same hand, in the background, in room #2 (the ‘closed’ room) this time playing the South cards too. So, in reality, the only difference between the two rooms are the two Souths. This means that at the end of a match, you can compare your performance with the computer’s ‘par’. iBridgePlus also enables you to review the bidding and play in both rooms, so you can see (and learn) how the computer played the hand.




More on this can be found in the ‘Show Me’ presentations
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