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Modes of play


Chicago scoring was devised to ‘iron out’ some of the inconsistencies and unfairness that playing standard Rubber bridge can present.


Chicago bridge offers a fixed set of four deals, where the vulnerability rotates in a predetermined way, irrespective of previous hands. While the basic elements of scoring are similar to rubber bridge, their method of accumulation and recording differ slightly


On the plus side:


Each game limited to exactly four deals


‘Luck of the deal’ is somewhat diminished, insofar that the vulnerability is fixed, and not dependent on previous hand



On the negative side:


‘Luck of the deal’ is nevertheless still a significant factor


Each ‘table’ is a separate entity, and there are no facilities for comparison with others playing the same hands



Chicago – iBridgePlus style:


There are several alternative methods of scoring Chicago. We have opted for the method that we have just described. The iBridgePlus score sheet uses colours to identify the hands. 


Hand one is in purple 


Hand two is in red


Hand three is in blue


Hand four is in mustard


This makes life simple for you to see where you are up to in any one Chicago rubber.




More on this can be found in the ‘Show Me’ presentations
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