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iBridgePlus Assist


Imagine having a Bridge tutor in the room while you are playing. You can ask her/him for help and explanations, or s/he’ll quietly nudge you in the right direction when s/he sees that you’re about to make a mistake.


As well as actively alerting you to your potential errors, whenever you may need it, you can ask the ‘teacher’ to suggest a bid, or explain a bid, or suggest which card you should play.


Shoulder Tap 


A pop-up will appear, questioning your choice as well as giving a reason for ‘butting in’ 





If you don’t know what card to lead with, Assist will list all the cards which you can play, showing you what it considers to be ‘good’ plays





Assist  enables you to evaluate each of the hands from the biddings that has taken place so far



Ignore or Listen


You have the option to try another bid, or ignore the advice and accept your original choice 



More on this can be found in the ‘Show Me’ presentations

As the default, certain active features are turned ‘ON’, while others are ‘OFF’ (this has been done so that Assist does not bombard you too often with nudges and suggestions). We recommend that you turn them all to ON to start with, and then turn them off, one by one, if you find that it interferes too much. 

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