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Customization & Settings


iBridgePlus gives you the option to customize the bidding systems within the app, so that you can create your perfect bridge game on your iPhone or iPad.


There are 22 bidding systems to choose from. The two ‘sides’ (NS & EW) can be configured to play different systems which is an ideal way to experience playing against, or indeed trying out new systems.


Players can fine-tune bidding systems or create their own unique ones by using Alter My System.


These altered systems can be saved on the device or even sent to other iBridgePlus users to use on their devices. This is an ideal tool for Bridge Teachers.


Hand filters


Use ‘Hand Filters’ to quickly generate the type of hand that will test your changed system.




Show all cards


Use ‘Show all Cards’ to see all four hands.





Use the information available in ‘Assist’ to confirm that the ‘engine’ has implemented and understood your changes in the way that you intended.






Something not quite right? Go back to ‘Alter my System’ , tweak it again, then use ‘Repeat’ button to re-deal the hand and see if the 2nd tweak is more accurate. Every time you have finished making changes, don’t forget to touch that all important Save button!





Just about the only thing that iBridgePlus does not enable you to configure or change is the weather!



Configure the ‘strength of play’ by the computer


Choose card handling method, and speed of play and display


Choose from 16 Background colours and effects




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