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Modes of play


The simplest, most common form of bridge, Rubber is understood by all players as the entry level mode of play.


On the plus side:


Undetermined length of game


Understood by all players as an entry level mode of play



On the negative side:


Luck of the deal is a major factor (in a single Rubber)


Each ‘table’ is a separate entity, and there’s no facility of comparison with anyone else playing the same hands 


Undetermined length of game



Rubber – iBridgePlus style:

Enjoy playing Rubber Bridge with iBridgePlus. Practice, learn, experiment, or simply have fun.


Practice using different bidding systems, and playing  against different systems. NS and EW can each be configured to play any one of the 22 built in systems 


Learn as you play. Hint and explain features, as well as Assist mode. (link to assist page)


Experiment by trying different bids or different card play – take back bid and card available in most iBridgePlus games.


Have fun! Use hand filters to deal slam only hands, single suit hands and more. Play with all 4 hands showing to learn… or for the ultimate in cheating




More on this can be found in the ‘Show Me’ presentations
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