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Modes of play


Duplicate Competitions


A Duplicate competition is the only way to measure and assess your performance in bridge on a hand-by-hand basis and view your overall performance over a series of hands. That’s because it allows you to compare how you performed with other people, who have played exactly the same hands, playing against a defence partnership using the same bidding system for all competitors.



On the plus side:


Fixed length competitions (4 – 12 hands)


Minimal reliance on Internet connection


Compare yourself with other users who will be playing the same hands 


Added spice of playing for iBridge Dollars (a fictitious currency used to enhance the game)


Varying length competitions (4-12 hands) available 24/7


Compete with E/W using varying bidding systems (you, playing N/S, will still be using your preferred system)


Competitions available for beginners (with Help and Explain functions during bidding)



iBridgePlus Duplicate Ranking System


We have implemented a complex ranking system that allows you to measure yourself against others and more importantly, enables you to monitor your own progress and see whether your game is improving or stagnating. 

New to Duplicate bridge?
There’s no need to worry.


In the peace and quiet of your own environment, you can take part in an un-rushed Duplicate competition. This will allow you to assess your true performance, which will inevitably lead to the ultimate goal, of improving your ability as a bridge player.


Watch the dedicated ‘All about Duplicate’ presentation in ‘Show Me’ that explains the simple mechanics of taking part. 

More on this can be found in the ‘Show Me’ presentations
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