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Ranking & Results

The iBridgePlus algorithm places you in a tier group, giving you a better understanding of the level of the other players in your competition.

iBridgePlus analyses the results of all Duplicate competitions, and applies a complex algorithm to them to calculate a Rank for each player. This takes into account a myriad of factors – frequency of play, calibre of opponents, number of opponents and other factors. The Ranking enables players to have more clarity about their performance in any one competition (coming 3rd in a field of ‘high flyers’ can be more satisfying than winning a competition against new players). The Ranking also gives players a personal ‘target’ to attempt to improve on.



See the results, hand by hand


View the tier level of other contestants


Know your distance from the next tier


Check how your latest game has moved you within the tier


Discover your best and worst positions over the last 30 days



How it works


Login to iBridgePlus


Play 6-8 hands for free


Once we gain enough data, you'll get a provisional rank


Keep playing to get your personal rank


Enjoy playing and improving your game!



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