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Inside of the iBridgePlus app you’ll find some useful “Show Me” presentations which cover the most popular topics




Highlights on popular questions, news from the iBridgePlus team, updates on what’s new in Show Me and of course, some iBridgePlus humor



Why am I seeing the same hands appear over and over again?


The answer is simple. iBridgePlus is FREE to download and we give you 16 trial hands, which you can play an unlimited number of times, in order to test and evaluate the app. If you’d like more hands than that, then you have 2 options:

You can buy batches of 100 hands (these are single-play hands and cannot be played over and over). This purchase is device specific so can only be used on one device.

You can buy a one-off ‘Lifetime’ license to access the whole database of over 2.6 billion bridge deals. ‘Lifetime’ can be shared by all devices that are linked to the same account with iTunes.

Our calculator tells us that this equates to 1.8 million deals for every one cent!

For both purchase options, touch the ‘Upgrade/Restore’ button on the Home page


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How do I restore purchases or share them on my other iOS devices?


If you have bought Lifetime subscription to the database, Assist Forever, or AMS, all these can be restored (in case you have deleted the app) and indeed shared on all your iOS devices which are linked to the same account with iTunes. Touch the ‘Upgrade/Restore’ button, follow instructions. In some circumstances you will see a message asking you to ‘Buy again for free’. It’s absolutely fine to say ‘yes’. You will not be charged twice!


Please note that 100 Hands and 24 Hand Assist are considered ‘consumables’ and cannot be shared between devices, nor can they be restored after a re-installation or a reboot.


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The bidding seems to be playing up. What’s going on?


It’s a simple case that you are not synchronised with the computer. When you start using iBridgePlus you are asked to choose a bidding system. When you pick a bidding system, make sure to read the documentation that details how the computer interprets that system as it may differ from what you expect.


To see the documentation, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Bidding, Leads and Signals’ and then you can see the bidding conventions for N/S and E/W. Select one and it will take you to a list of over 20 bidding conventions. Click on the the ‘i’ next to each one to bring up the document.


If you are not happy with the computer's version of a bidding system then you can change it.


More on this can be found in the ‘Show Me’ presentations


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How can I see the last trick?


Touch on ‘Menu’ then ‘Review Trick’ and you can see the last trick shown, lead card which is highlighted in yellow, full details about the contract plus much more. All the buttons are active, so you can see the hand evaluation and the bid explanations for the alerted bids.


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How do I customize the bidding system?


Alter My System os a feature that enables you to tweak and change the bidding system. We strongly recommend that before you embark on making any changes, that you peruse the twelve main categories, and get a ‘feel’ for the current system, by seeing which switches are turned ON (and indeed which are turned OFF). Once you are comfortable that you have a basic understanding of how your system is implemented, you can start tinkering with it.


We also strongly advise that you only make a couple of tweaks at a time. Watch them ‘bed in’, play several hands with the tweaked system, make sure it behaves as you had intended, before going back to make further changes.


Use ‘Hand Filters’ to quickly generate the type of hand that will test your changed system.

Use ‘Show all Cards’ to see all four hands.

Use  the information available in ‘Assist’ to confirm that the ‘engine’ has implemented and understood your changes in the way that you intended.


Something not quite right? Go back to ‘Alter my System’ , tweak it again, then use ‘Repeat’ button to re-deal the hand and see if the 2nd tweak is more accurate. Every time you have finished making changes, don’t forget to touch that all important Save button!


More on this can be found in ‘Show Me’ presentations.


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Does it cost to customize the app?


As always with iBridgePlus, whenever possible, we allow users to try and evaluate a new feature before asking for payment.With ‘Alter-my-System’, we give you 14 days to tinker, tweak, change or completely redesign a bidding system for FREE. You can only work on one system at a time, and it will be saved, on your device, as [original name] Modified. You can return to it at any time during the 14 days. Your new system will become the default system that you will be using (and East/West too if that’s how you set iBridgePlus).


If you decide to alter a different system, the original modified one will be lost, and the 2nd one will be the saved system, but the 14 days are still counting from the original day one.


Finally, have no fear. You cannot damage, or permanently alter, any of the ‘core’ systems in iBridgePlus. So, if you think you have totally messed things up, simply discard the modified system, and start afresh


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Does it cost to utilise iBridgePlus Assist?


Every user get 24 trial hands of Assist for FREE. Assist is our ‘Bridge teacher in the room as you play’. If you’ve found these hints, alerts and warnings useful, you can purchase further batches of 24 hands. These are ONLY counted when Assist ‘kicks in’, so the 24 hands may, in reality, stretch over 30, 40 or even more played hands. This purchase is device specific, and cannot be shared between devices. Or purchase ‘Assist Forever’ which gives you unrestricted access to Assist, on all devices linked to the same iTunes account.


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Does it cost to play Duplicate Competitions?


The iBridge Dollar is our own fictitious currency, which is used to enhance and add some spice to playing our Duplicate competitions. Every player who signs up to Duplicate receives $10 FREE, and if these are used up or depleted, you can top them up by tapping on the Purchase button. Each competition ‘costs’ an entry fee (typically $1, $2 or $3) and the winner and runners-up share the ‘pot’. where you can buy iBridge Dollars in various bundles.


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If your question still isn’t answered, please get in touch with us here.


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