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The Ultimate Bridge Game 
for iPads and iPhones

Challenge yourself and improve 

your game with this powerful free bridge app

Newsflash! V5.4 Available Now


Duplicate Bridge

Play online bridge competitions 24/7 comparing yourself with other users, with no dependence on the internet during play


Assist Mode

Your own ‘bridge teacher’ in the room as you play, the Assist mode nudges you when you make a mistake, explains it, and suggests alternatives


Rubber, Chicago, Teams of Four

Play stand-alone bridge against one of the best bridge engines in the world, which offers more than 2.6 billion deals 


Powerful Bridge Bidding

Enjoy a software that supports 22 different bidding systems and conventions including Acol, standard American and Precision


Top Playing Engine 

Challenging for the expert, helpful for the beginner, configure iBridgePlus to stimulate your game, no matter what your level 


16 hands Free

Play the free trial hands as many times as you wish - enjoy using the various features and fully evaluate the app before making a purchase


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